The Many Survival Uses of Coffee Filters

Posted: 19th August 2013 by admin in Survival Info

coffee-filterThere are many things you can do with Coffee Filters and it requires very little money. I like the big once available at Sam’s, and any dollar store. Every Survival Kit & Bug-Out-Bag should have these added. I have listed some of my uses below. There are many other uses that did not come to mind as I wrote this.

By – Jeff Mann –  August 19, 2013

  • Pre-Filter any water needed for drinking, cooking, or cleaning when in the woods or trails. This will help save your water filter.
  • Recycle frying oil. After frying, strain used frying oil through a coffee filter. It will be ready for it’s next use.
  • Use as a “snack bowl” for chips, nuts, popcorn, etc. Just trash or burn once done.
  • Use to start fires, rip it up and it will burn with just sparks.
  • To sprout seeds. Just dampen the coffee filter, put the seeds inside, fold the filter over once, and place it into a zip lock baggie until they sprout.
  • When storing a cast-iron skillet. Put a coffee filter in the skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust. You can stack others with it and use a filter for each. No rust!
  • Stop the washout of dirt in your potted plants. Place the coffee filter at the bottom of the pot covering the drainage holes. Then put the dirt in over top of the filter. Water can leave and the filter will keep all the dirt in your pot.
  • Use under any grease filled foods. Coffee filters will soak up grease and make the food much better to eat. Then use the grease filled filter to start your fire.
  • Great for stopping bleeding on small cuts and nicks. Much better than toilet paper for razor cuts on your face.
  • When sewing or embroidering, use as a backing for soft fabrics. The coffee filter is easy to tear away once complete.
  • To filter gas when near the bottom of the can. The trash collects at the bottom and a screen filter is not fine enough to remove it all. The coffee filter will get everything.
  • * Use when waterproofing or polishing your shoes. It is lint free and will not leave surface fibers like cloth.
  • In the kitchen hold any chopped foods to be added later or for weighing chopped foods. Makes it easy to put on the scale. Use one coffee filter for each food type.
  • Clean glass, polish chrome – coffee filters will not leave marks or fibers. They are lint free and great for any general cleaning.
  • * Put baking soda into the filter and tape or tie the top closed. Use the baking soda ball in the cooler or refrigerator to absorb odors. This ball will last for 30 days. Re-use it in other coolers.

These are just a few uses that coffee filters have in survival kits and Bug-out-Backpacks. Throw some in yours and they will save you time and energy. 1,000 filters cost about $8.00

Happy Prepping,

Jeff Mann

  1. Cathy Geary says:

    I use them to strain my goat’s milk, along with a canning funnel with a screw on band. I cut them into 1/4’s for this and store them in a zip lock bag. I use sandwich bags when I can, as they are a bit smaller and much cheaper than quart bags

    I also use them for tea bags for my herbal teas, put in the herbs I want for that days tea, gather it up as evenly as I can, and close with a twistie tie, which I use over and over. Could use string if needed or a rubber band. Dump into the jar of warm/hot water and put a lid on it and leave it for about 20 min or longer. Squeeze the bag, remove the tie, and toss the filter and leaves into the compost pile.

  2. Joale.cj says:

    Very interesting and good to know , couldnt believe how many things you can make with something so simple and cheap like coffe filters!

  3. Randy Mann Jr. says:

    Great tips ! Putting a few packs in bug out bag right now.

  4. Fabio says:

    Great tips! I would never have thought so much can be done with coffee filters.

  5. gary says:

    I use them to polish my wine glasses. Seriously. it works

  6. Tina Crabtree says:

    I wonder if cofffee filters could be used to clean eyeglasses if they have no lint?