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Keep in mind that crowbars are generally used in hand-to-hand combat situations. Ideally, threats should not be allowed to come that close.

A crowbar should be viewed as a valuable tool that can be used as a weapon in emergencies.

12 Gauge Shotgun Infected animals could be a major concern during an apocalypse. The best method of neutralizing dangerous animals is treating them as though they are rabid. Take care to avoid bites from infected animals. This article establishes that the best weapon for effectively killing a dangerous animal is a 12 gauge shotgun. Use a military-grade shotgun slug rather than buckshot to cause immediate, fatal damage. Depending on the slug used, a 12 gauge shotgun may even be able to take out an animal as big as a brown bear. Because reloading a shotgun is a slow process for most people, a 12 gauge shotgun should be reserved for use on lone animals.

Pepper Spray It is a possibility that there will be no hostiles to deal with in an apocalypse. If this is the case, the concern is protecting against other people competing for the limited amount of resources available. Non-lethal weapons are the best choice when competition over resources is the reason for combat. Holding a can of pepper spray is easy to do when rummaging for resources. In the case of an attack, aim for the eyes of the assailant. Grab any resources immediately available and return to a base camp for safety. As noted by bear repellent pepper spray retailer UDAP, pepper spray can also be used to neutralize animals.

M-4 Assault Rifle Obtaining an M-4 assault rifle is a long process involving lots of paperwork and waiting. However, it’s the ultimate weapon of choice in case of an apocalypse involving zombies. What makes this assault rifle perfect for taking down zombies? First of all, Military Factory points out that it’s a lot easier to handle than other powerful guns. Because it is smaller and lighter than similar assault rifles, the M-4 assault rifle can easily travel with a survivor. The long range and semi-automatic functions of the rifle give survivors the option to take out a high number of hostiles without being in the same immediate area. This feature makes it ideal for clearing out a safe path while traveling.

Tactical Self Defense Knife Carrying a lightweight knife specifically designed for self defense is the perfect line of defense against surprise, face-to-face attacks. Whether a person is facing animals, hostile people or zombies, a self defense knife can be used effectively on a variety of opponents. It is best to learn how to use a self defense knife as soon as possible. Knife combat is a skill that must be learned over time.



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