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Ways to prepare and store food during an emergency situation!

People in recent times are more aware of waste as they possess a good understanding of the dearth in the globe and the recent economic problems which are hitting the whole world. However, the rich Western countries, which are the, source of power of nearly all other countries’ are the ones who are mostly influenced by these economic crises.

In most countries food supply is taken for granted. However, there are a few facts about the world food supply that needs to come in the limelight that the typical media is not reporting. There are many events that may have a main impact upon our lifestyle and behavior. Several events and problems arise which needs us to prepare for a potential problem. Most countries in the world probably have enough food for its inhabitants but if they come across a situation where the food supply is disturbed many citizens will have a frightening experience. All that is required here is to establish a strategy to live on for a food and water shortage for an extensive period of time.

The possibility of a situation where our society collapses is most of the times ignored by us. The need of the hour is to spend some time and do a little research to find how frail our society is. This can only be a superior thing while it is a humiliation that it took a global financial calamity to make the world to memorize the lesson. These days, any kind of wastage is acknowledged with public reprimand and even in homes. A huge proportion of income is spent by a majority of inhabitants all over the globe on food and so any person who wishes to cut down has to first look to this section to start with saving.

However, saving does not imply ‘not buying’, it, however, should mean ‘not dumping.’ In simple words, it means preparing your food and do not let any food item go waste. Preparation and storage are the major terms to remember. With that notion in brains, here are a few tips for preparing and storing food properly.

Bread – Bread are one food items that go wasted every day, either because it has gone stale or rotting and yet it is completely unnecessary. You can prevent your bread from going stale by storing it in the deep freezer. A whole loaf can be sliced with the proper knife, and it will come off slice by slice. You do not need to de-ice as it only takes a couple of minutes at room temperature.

Fruits – almost all fruits when cut gets black if stored in the fridge. Banana skins especially turn black when stored for long. However, most people do not know that bananas can be frozen solid. The skins will still turn black, but the fruit will be undamaged.

Cake – In order to preserve your cake for a long time, store it in a can with an apple. The moisture in the fruit will stop the cake from getting stiff.

Watercress – Store the watercress upturned in a bowl of water from sagging. This way it so stalks up.

Salt – Salt frequently gets moist, particularly when it is stored in a damp place which lacks  adequate aeration. However, there is no need to fret regarding that. You can put two or three granules of rice in the salt cellar and prevent the salt from absorbing moisture as they will absorb the moisture.

Cereal – You are required to put off the cereal from going malleable. You can do this by resealing the sack with a handful pieces of clothes. This way your cereal will last for weeks.

Jam – A scum is produced on boiling jam. This leads to wastage of jam causing a change in goodness and flavor. So, it needs to be separated and thrown. Nevertheless, fluffing up a lump of butter into the mixture at the last instant prevents the scum from appearing and saving time and goodness.

In fact, there had been an augment in the odds for a global disaster. Moreover, the mounting economic problems in nations like the U.S. are going to add to already rising crisis. Therefore, you need to develop a practical strategy to deal with a disastrous occurrence in order to guard you and your closed ones. So, draft a plan to get a hold of essential rations that can be stored up and put to one side to begin storing extra foodstuff for an urgent situation. Start storing a little.

Plead the catastrophe never occurs but be ready if it does. Think about the chaos that is being caused by our current worldwide economic problems and how this will exasperate the problems associated with our food supply. Prices’ could skyrocket out of reach of the poor.

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