What About The Kids?

Posted: 8th September 2011 by Modern Day Redneck in Bug Out Bags
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With all the buzz on prepping for “IT”, most if not all the prepping/survival blogs that deal with Bug out Bags I have read only talk about the main bag or bags that will support the whole family for the 72 hour duration. My question is, what about the kids?

Yes they will be covered under your main BOB when they are with you but in a worse case situation and they are at school, then what? We all think if something terrible happens tomorrow we will be able to jump in the car and go get our children and take them to safety. Being they are at school, friends house, church function or where ever they may be, jumping in the car and racing to save them may not be that easy. It may take several hours or depending on where you work, days to get home and secure your loved ones and your belongings.

The best thing I have found to ease my mind on this matter is have each child, no matter the age, have their own personal survival bag or BOB. I do not know of any school policy that prohibits a small bag with certain items being hung in your child’s locker. Of course you would have to use your head when filling the bag and not put weapons, knives or medications in them, but simple survival items to help them cope with the time of disaster and to be safe upon your arrival.

Here is a small list of such items that I think would be useful for any child stuck in that situation.

Basic Survival Items:

Do not overload you child’s bag and keep in mind their age and carrying capacity.

  • Small flash light. (LED)
  • Emergency whistle so they can be found in a crowd or get your attention when you drive up.
  • Emergency contact list with names of relatives, home address, and telephone numbers.Area map
  • Emergency Poncho.
  • Inflatable pillow. (Used in case of a overnight stay or a flotation device)
  • Emergancy Blanket
  • A full change of clothes. (socks and underwear for sure)
  • Small box of Band aids & wipes. (Remember no medications)
  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • Hard candy.
  • Bubble gum.
  • Energy / Breakfast bars.
  • A couple of Water bottles.

I am sure there are items I have missed, but this list will get you started and get your mind working. All these items will fit into a cute little pull string bag or a hand bag your kids can put in their school lockers, take with them to church camp or just a overnight stay at a friends house.

Make sure you go over each item in the bag with your child and explain to them what they are used for. Having the items at hand is only half the battle and are useless if they do not know how to use them.

It is also good to have an evacuation plan. Being my kids are older and working outside of the home, we have devised a plan to where if a disaster hits and there is no way to get home, they will know where to meet. If they have their small survival bag with them, at least I know they will be ok until I can get to them.

Good luck with it and have fun.

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