Wild Horse Ranch

Posted: 6th February 2011 by Preppers in Animals
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They are looking for family’s  to join them on there quest for the pioneer life!


Here is a little more history of the Wild Horse Ranch, let us know if you have more questions about this place and this information.

In 1887 Ed Flynn attempted to have this spot to be part of the Alexander band reservation, he was unsuccessful. At that point Ed Flynn and his family squatted on the property until his daughter who had married Jack Heffernan. Homesteaded on the land when Alberta became a province in 1904, The homesteading act didn’t take place until 1911 because of so many people applying for homesteads in Alberta. The land is now governed by the homestead act and the direct decedents from the original homesteaders of Ed Flynn have been responsible for the land so we are still governed by the homestead act.The Alexander Band First Nations are Cree, the sue and Blackfoot used this land for ceremonies for thousands of years. These ceremonies still took place up until the 50s and then diminished to some extent and about 1988 the last hereditary medicine man of the Alexander Band Died. Prior to his death he passed on the knowledge to another to continue the tradition, the tradition has continued for thousands of years. This is a very significant location is very interesting to see and beyond reproach once you have experienced the energies it has to offer. We hope you are truly on a spiritual path and are willing to experience this first hand.


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