Will the Government Be There for You?

Posted: 5th December 2013 by Michael Levanduski in Politcis / Government, Weather
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FEMAWhether it is hurricane season, tornados, severe winter storms, or a man-made disaster, being prepared is essential for survival.  These types of emergencies normally only last a few days or a week at the most, but if you aren’t ready, it can be extremely dangerous during that time.  Sadly, many people believe that government agencies like FEMA, the National Guard or even their local police and fire departments will be there to help them when these types of problems come up.

The government may do the best they can in these situations, but if the past has taught us anything, it is that they are unable (or unwilling) to provide the necessary protection, supplies and rescue efforts during emergencies.  It doesn’t matter who is in office, or which political party is in power, the fact is you can’t rely on government help to arrive quickly enough to save you in an emergency.

Types of Risks Associated with Disasters

While the police, fire and other government agencies may do a good job keeping most people safe in normal situations, they are ineffective during disasters.  Look at just some of the added problems and risks associated with emergency situations, and you’ll quickly see that you can’t rely on outside help to keep you safe:

  • Police Are Busy – One of the biggest problems during disasters is that the police and other emergency responders are overwhelmed.  In addition, they often have families they need to tend to, so they aren’t available to help each individual, putting you at greater risk.
  • Opportunists – Sadly, many people will take advantage of disasters by looting stores and homes.  They may attack people in the area so they can rob them, or worse.  These opportunists know that there will be little (if any) protection in the days following a disaster, so they can get away with anything if you are unable to protect yourself and your family.
  • Chaos – Disasters bring chaos with blocked streets, flooding, loss of power, and people evacuating to all different locations.  It is difficult, if not impossible, for emergency responders to be able to find and help everyone in need.
  • Loss of Services – You won’t have access to normal services such as grocery stores, city water, electricity, gas and even phone service.  If you don’t have the supplies on hand that you need, it can be very difficult to get them.

Simple Preparation

Even if the government agencies are doing the best they can to help people affected by emergencies, it is far better to be prepared yourself.  If you are able to take care of yourself, the emergency personal who are there can help others who are in need.  While full disaster preparation can take a long time to complete, simple emergency survival preparation is something anyone can perform.

Placing some emergency food rations, with long term shelf life, along with enough bottled water for a week in a safe place is a great place to start. Adding a gun or other weapon will help keep you and your family safe from opportunists or other threats which come up during a disaster.  These types of items can be stored away in a cellar or basement so you can take care of yourself until the emergency is over.

Don’t make the mistake that millions of people made before disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the Tornado outbreak in Alabama or Joplin, Missouri, or Hurricane Sandy.  Relying on government agencies or other people to help you in an emergency is definitely not worth the risk, when simple disaster preparation is so easy and inexpensive.

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