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First Aid

First Aid

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  1. Lifeline First Aid Kit

    Lifeline First Aid Kit Large 84 Pieces


    Lifeline First Aid Kit is a great for any household. Its large size means you have a large variety of choice.

    This kit includes:

    • • first aid guide, scissors,
    • • tweezers, 2 pr gloves, tape roll,
    • • assorted towelettes, pads,
    • • bandages and gauze pads
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  2. Lifeline First Aid in a Bottle

    Lifeline First Aid in a Bottle


    • • Leak proof top
    • • 32 oz capacity
    • • Lid stays attached
    • • Bottle made of BPA Free material
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  3. Elite Large General Purpose First Aid Kit

    Elite Large General Purpose First Aid Kit


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    This waterproof box is a great place to start building up your first aid kit. This was exactly the same type of box used for general-purpose first aid in military, aircraft and boats. This box holds 317-piece kit designed for front line trauma as well as basic first aid, but feel free to design your own by adding more items.

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  4. Lifeline Weather Survival Kit

    Lifeline Weather Survival Kit


    • Case and carabiner for easy  transport

    • Waterproof matches

    • Great for outdoors

    • Survival tools in case of emergency

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  5. AMK Blister Medic Foot Care Kit Cover

    AMK Blister Medic Foot Care Kit


    Prevent Blisters from Forming

    Moleskin immediately reduces friction, keeping hot spots from developing into blisters.

    Leave the Scissors at Home

    11 die-cut moleskin pieces per sheet, each specifically shaped to fit common blister areas. No scissors required!

    Relieve Pain Instantly Glacier

    Gel blister dressings stop pain and start the healing process on contact.

    Disinfect Wounds

    Included antiseptic wipes disinfect open blisters to keep infections at bay.

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  6. Surgical Set OD

    Surgical Set OD


    • • Solid stainless steel
    • • 19 total items
    • • Suture sets, scalpel handle and scalpels
    • • Antiseptic wipes, pen light
    • • Cordura nylon bag; MOLLE compatible
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First Aid

First aid supplies are not necessarily items that most people think of as readily as food and water when preparing for an emergency but in reality first aid is just as important to sustaining life. Injury and subsequent infection are leading causes of death in wilderness and survival situations. A properly prepared first aid kit is as basic a necessity as food in a survival situation. 

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