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Survival Food

Survival Food

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  1. Beef Stew #10 Can

    Mountain House - Freeze Dried Beef Stew #10 Can


    Mountain House Freeze Dried Beef Stew delivers a burst of homecooked flavor in a convenient, easy-to-make package. Just add hot water and you'll be all set to enjoy a comforting delicious beef stew. A blend of tender diced beef, carrots, peas and potatoes are sure to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of satisfaction, even if you're in the snow , desert, the mountains or in an emergency situation. Learn More
  2. Mountain House - Beef Stroganoff - Pro-Pak Pouch

    Mountain House - Freeze Dried Beef Stroganoff - Pro-Pak


    This beef stroganoff pro pack from Mountain House is one of the best emergency food rations on the market today. It comes with all the important factors people are looking for in this type of product, including great taste, healthy recipe and the fact that it will last for years on the shelf without a problem. In addition, it is extremely easy to prepare in just about any situation. Stock up on this great food today, so you have it available to you whenever you need it. Learn More
  3. Mountain House #10 Can - Turkey Tetrazzini

    Mountain House #10 Can - Turkey Tetrazzini


    Out of stock

    Turkey tetrazzini is made with high quality turkey, asparagus and spaghetti, all covered with delicious sauce. This product from Mountain House comes in a convenient #10 size can, which holds ten full servings of one cup each. It will last on the shelf for 25+ years, making it ideal for any emergency preparation food storage system. Get one can to add diversity to an existing stockpile, or buy many to get your food storage system built up to where you want it. However many you buy, you’ll be happy you have this great food available when you need it. Learn More
  4. Spaghetti w/meat sauce

    Mountain House - Freeze Dried Spaghetti w/meat sauce


    Spaghetti from Mountain House is a popular item, largely because of the fact that just about everyone loves this great meal. It will be delivered in a high quality, long lasting pouch that will ensure the spaghetti has a 10+ year shelf life. When you’re ready to enjoy this spaghetti, just open the pouch, add in the hot water and enjoy. Buy one for yourself, or stock up for your entire family. Whatever you need it for, we’ll be happy to deliver this great tasting meal to you. Learn More
  5. Diced Chicken

    Mountain House #10 Can - Diced Chicken


    Mountain House has created a great #10 can of diced chicken that will provide enough food for several meals for an entire family. This great tasting chicken is specially packed in a high quality can, which will keep the contents safe for 25 years, or even longer. Each can contains 14 servings, providing more than enough food for an entire family. In addition, the preparation of the chicken couldn't be easier. Adding a cup of hot water to ¾ cups of the chicken, and wait about 10 minutes. Learn More
  6. Mountain House - Chili Mac With Beef Pouch

    Mountain House - Freeze Dried Chili Mac With Beef


    The Chili Mac with beef from Mountain House comes in a convenient 20 oz pouch. You can prepare it in just minutes by adding in hot water, and enjoy it anytime. It was specially designed to last for 25+ years on the shelf, and still taste great when you are ready to eat it. Perfect for disaster food stockpiles, or to take with you camping, hiking or traveling. Everyone will enjoy the familiar taste of chili Mac, and with all the different nutrients, it will fill you up and keep you going all day long. Learn More
  7. Mountain House #10 Can - Granola w/ Blueberries & Milk (30449)

    Mountain House #10 Can - Granola w/ Blueberries & Milk


    The #10 can of granola with blueberries and milk from Mountain House is an excellent addition to your emergency food storage program. It will provide you with 20 full servings of this healthy, and great tasting, food, which is plenty for you and your family to enjoy for several meals. Whether you eat it for breakfast, or for a great tasting snack, you’ll be glad you have this item in your food storage system. The quality can helps keep the food fresh, with a shelf life of 25 years. There are also healthy probiotics added in, which makes this one of the healthiest emergency foods on the market today. Learn More
  8. Mountain House - Macaroni & Cheese - Pouch

    Mountain House - Freeze Dried Macaroni & Cheese


    This macaroni & cheese from Mountain House has the flavor that most kids absolutely love. The creamy, cheesy sauce will taste great for people of all ages, but it is nice to have this special meal for kids during difficult times. When an emergency or disaster strikes, kids can often get extremely worried or stressed. Having this familiar food available for them can be one small thing that can help them immensely. Of course, it will also provide everyone with a healthy meal, which is essential for this type of food. Learn More
  9. Imperial 3-Month Survival Food Kit Featuring Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

    Imperial 3-Month Survival Food Kit Featuring Mountain House Freeze Dried Food


    We call this kit the Imperial. Its name speaks for itself. With this Imperial survival foods kit you will eat like a KING!  The “Imperial” food kits provides you a balanced (3) THREE FULL MEALS per day for one person. Plus you get desserts, vegetables, cottage cheese, and much more. With this kit you Survive in Style.
    Learn More
  10. Mountain House - Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar

    Mountain House - Freeze Dried Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar


    Out of stock

    The Neapolitan ice cream bar from Mountain House is an excellent addition to any food storage program. Not only will it provide you with a delicious snack, but it also has 120 calories to keep you strong. The quick burst of energy can help you get through difficult situations in the event of an emergency, or you can just relax and enjoy it. While you won’t want to base your entire food stockpile on these bars, they are a great item to have available. Learn More
  11. Mountain House #10 Can - Chili Mac (30128)

    Mountain House #10 Can - Chili Mac w/ Beef (30128)


    Chili mac is a great tasting food that just about everyone enjoys. Kids will especially love this great dish, which will mean that you won’t have to struggle to get them to eat it, which is especially important if you’re going through any sort of emergency, disaster or other survival situation. The #10 can will last for 25 years on the shelf without a problem, and contains 10 full servings. Preparation only takes a few minutes when you open the can, remove how much you want to make and add hot water. Buy this great can as a good way to start a food stockpile, or to help expand one you already have. Learn More
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There is nothing more valuable than being prepared for any emergency. A survival kit kept ready in advance, can help you tide over any catastrophe. Emergency food storage is an integral part of any survival kit that ensures you have a steady supply of nutritious food.

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