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SOS Emergency Food Rations

SOS Emergency Food Rations

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SOS Emergency Food Rations 

SOS Food Lab is an American manufacturer of emergency food and water rations. Established in 1984, SOS Food Lab was the first manufacturer of emergency food and water rescue products in North America and has remained the industry leader. The food and water rations produced by SOS Food Lab are approved by The US Coast Guard, Transport Canada, and SOLAS and are used worldwide by rescue and emergency response organizations. 

Located in Florida, the company's main manufacturing operations are state-of-the-art and produce emergency food and water rations for distribution worldwide. Used primarily for disaster response, famine relief, and marine safety, SOS Emergency Food Rations are a perfect shelf stable emergency food source for disaster and emergency preparedness. SOS Food Bars are available in 1, 2, and 3 day portions with each serving being individually wrapped for freshness and ease of distribution and use. SOS Food Rations bars are designed to provide an adequate daily food source for survival when drinking water availability is limited. 

The 5-year shelf life, durable and compact nature, and suitability for people of all ages makes SOS Food Rations an excellent choice for an emergency car kit, bug out bag, or disaster survival kit. SOS Food Rations Bars can be eaten as-is with no preparation required. The baked food bars can also be crumbled and mixed with water for infants and young children, the elderly, and the infirm. 

Each SOS emergency fortified food bar contains 409 calories and weighs just under 3oz.