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Desserts & Snacks

Desserts & Snacks

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Desserts & Snacks

Survival food doesn't have to consist of boring, bland, repetitive meals anymore. Supplementing your main survival meals with snacks and desserts is a great way to boost the daily calorie count as well as morale. Survival food snacks and desserts range from freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches to trail mix to brownies and cakes to energy bars so its easy to find the perfect snack foods for your family members. 

Having a wide variety of foods is important to ward off menu fatigue and also to keep as much of a normal routine as possible. Changing diets very quickly can be hard on the body both physically and emotionally so keeping survival food snacks on hand that are similar to snacks your family would eat on a daily basis can go a long way in keeping everyone healthy during tough times. 

Snacks and desserts for long term term food storage are also available in a variety of formats.

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