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Desserts & Snacks

Desserts & Snacks

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  1. Mountain House - Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar

    Mountain House - Freeze Dried Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar


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    The Neapolitan ice cream bar from Mountain House is an excellent addition to any food storage program. Not only will it provide you with a delicious snack, but it also has 120 calories to keep you strong. The quick burst of energy can help you get through difficult situations in the event of an emergency, or you can just relax and enjoy it. While you won’t want to base your entire food stockpile on these bars, they are a great item to have available. Learn More
  2. Survival Cave Food - Drink Bucket

    Survival Cave Food - Drink Bucket


    Drink Bucket 80 servings of drinks, 20 regular whey milk, 20 chocolate whey milk & 40 servings of orange drinks packaged for long term food storage and delivered in a convenient plastic bucket for easy storage. Learn More
  3. MRE Star - Snack Sugar - Cookies

    MRE Star - Snack Sugar - Cookies


    • • 4 Sugar Cookies per package
    • • 2 oz and 280 Calories each per package
    Learn More
  4. MRE Star - Flour Tortillas (2pk)

    MRE Star - Flour Tortillas (2pk)


    MRE Star Tortillas for a Southwestern Twist

    The tortilla brings southwestern cuisine into the MRE scene. Made of wheat flour, tortillas are great for making wraps. MRE Star tortillas come in packs of 2 and are great for adding a different flavor to your meals. With a shelf life of three to five years, these star tortillas will keep in your pantry or your emergency food stores.

    Learn More
  5. MRE Star - Dried Fruit Mix
  6. MRE Star - Snack - Nut Raisin Mix

    MRE Star - Snack - Nut Raisin Mix


    Crunchy MRE Nut Raising Mix This MRE nut raising mix is convenient, lightweight and small. Like all MREs they are made to last long, are very durable, give excellent energy and nutrition and are self contained. This is the perfect snack for a regular day or when you are out with family and friends doing some fun outdoor adventure kind of stuff. Learn More
  7. Mountain House - 1 Month Premium Food Supply

    Mountain House - 1 Month Premium Food Supply


    Buy this premium one month emergency food supply from Mountain House, and you’ll be ready for just about anything life can throw at you. The kit has enough food for one person to enjoy two meals per day for a full 30 days. This is sufficient to keep you strong and healthy through almost any type of emergency or disaster you go through. There are several different meals included in the kit, so you won’t be stuck eating the same thing day after day. Buy one kit for each person in the family to keep everyone safe. 2 meals per day for 30 days. Products Included 6 Rice & Chicken 4.5 oz. 6 Lasagna w/meat sauce 6 Beef stroganoff 4 oz. 6 Chicken Teriyaki 4 oz. 6 Chilli Mac 9 Scrambled Eggs W/Ham Yield 8 oz. 9 Eggs w/Bacon 12 Granola w/Blueberries & Milk Yield 8 oz. Learn More
  8. Mountain House #10 Can - Raspberry Crumble (30541)

    Mountain House #10 Can - Raspberry Crumble (30541)


    #10 can of raspberry crumble is a great tasting, easy to prepare dessert from Mountain House. With a 25 year shelf life, you can enjoy this food any time you want. Having dessert, even in emergency situations, is a great way to help keep everyone’s spirits up, and with such as easy to store and make option, this is the perfect addition to any emergency food storage program. In addition, this delicious dessert will provide everyone with the much needed calories they need to keep them strong. Learn More
  9. Mountian House - Pilot Crackers

    Mountain House - Pilot Crackers


    Mountain House pilot crackers in a #10 size can are an excellent addition to any emergency food storage program. These crackers are a good snack, or they can be added to many other dishes to create additional variety. With the 25 year shelf life, you can store them away until you need them, or just use them for every day enjoyment. Whatever you plan on using these crackers for, you’ll be glad you have them around when you need them. Learn More
  10. Mountain House - Raspberry Crumble

    Mountain House - Freeze Dried Raspberry Crumble


    Mountain House has created this delicious raspberry crumble desert that can last for over twenty years on the shelf. It was designed specifically to not only last a long time on the shelf, but also taste great when you do finally open it. The majority of these items are ordered to add to an emergency food storage program, or other type of food stockpile. Of course, some people love to bring them along while hiking in the great outdoors or traveling, because they are such a convenient way to bring a snack with you anywhere you’re going. Learn More
  11. Mountain House - Ice Cream Sandwich

    Mountain House - Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich


    • Just the thing to help keep you and your family going during a difficult situation

    • Why not plan ahead and have a great tasting desert added to your food stockpile

    • Ice cream any time anywhere with no refrigeration needed ever

    Learn More
  12. Mountain House - New York Style Cheesecake Bites

    Mountain House - Freeze Dried New York Style Cheesecake Bites


    Yes, this is actual New York Style cheesecake that you can enjoy right out of the pouch! Made with rich cream cheese, brown sugar, notes of citrus, and a graham crust, each bite-sized cube will lure you back for more. The best part is that they are ready to eat NOW, no need to refrigerate. How? Because like dozens of other foods that Mountain House makes, these are freeze dried! This amazing process allows you to easily pack it in for wilderness adventures, wrap it up as a gift, hand it off as a reward, or even take them to the moon. Learn More
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Desserts & Snacks

Survival food doesn't have to consist of boring, bland, repetitive meals anymore. Supplementing your main survival meals with snacks and desserts is a great way to boost the daily calorie count as well as morale. Survival food snacks and desserts range from freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches to trail mix to brownies and cakes to energy bars so its easy to find the perfect snack foods for your family members. 

Having a wide variety of foods is important to ward off menu fatigue and also to keep as much of a normal routine as possible. Changing diets very quickly can be hard on the body both physically and emotionally so keeping survival food snacks on hand that are similar to snacks your family would eat on a daily basis can go a long way in keeping everyone healthy during tough times. 

Snacks and desserts for long term term food storage are also available in a variety of formats.

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