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Freeze Dried Food

Freeze Dried Food

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Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze dried food is a popular choice for emergency food storage due to its extremely long shelf life, compact size, lightweight, and easy preparation. Unlike canned or even dehydrated food, freeze dried food is first frozen and then dehydrated using vacuum pressure and/or very low levels of heat to allow the frozen water to move directly from a solid to a gas state. As long as a freeze-dried food is sealed in packaging to keep it safe from oxygenation and moisture, it can be kept at room temperature for long periods of time without spoilage. Freezing the food prior to dehydration allows for the preservation of nutrients, texture, and flavor that can be lost in other methods of shelf stable food preservation. Freeze dried food is also generally very easy to reconstitute because the process of removing the frozen water from the food leaves tiny pores or gaps in the food which allow it to quickly and easily absorb water. Almost any food can be freeze-dried successfully. Single food items, like strawberries, as well as full meals, like a complete soup or pasta dish, can be freeze dried making the technique very versatile and useful in the preservation of easy to eat meals as well as single meal components and snacks.


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