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Mono Vault - 120

Product code#: V1200-00

Product Description

  • • Heavy-duty construction
  • • Air-tight seal
  • • Can be used for guns, boating, preparedness, emergency gear, documents, valuables, and just about anything else
  • • Two Lids! inner gasketed lid and an outer 'Burial Shield' lid

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MonoVault 120

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Mono Vaults 120 is rugged, completely sealed capsules that could be literally buried. It is corrosion-proof, waterproof, airtight polymer containers with gamma-seal twist lid with an O-ring seal and outer cover. A fully protective shell for your valuable guns. A handy packable MonoVault easy to dig in fast. Back of the bike or top of the pack? Long barreled revolvers? Lots of uses for this particularly stout little travel and cache box.

Approximate Interior Dimensions: 9.75" diameters by 18" deep

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