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MRE BBQ Sauce w/ Chicken, Black Beans and Potatoes

Product code#: CE-201

Product Description

MRE BBQ Sauce w/ Chicken, Black Beans and Potatoes

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MRE BBQ Sauce w/ Chicken, Black Beans and Potatoes

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Enjoy MRE BBQ Sauce W/ Chicken, Black Beans and Potatoes

If you have been thinking of buying food that you can store for a long time, that is nutritious, that can be taken with you on camping, hiking or fishing trips and that you can add you’re your emergency preparedness program, MRE meals are a great choice. They come in a variety of flavors include MRE BBQ Sauce w/ Chicken, Black Beans and Potatoes. Your mouth will be zinging with wonderful flavors that will remind you of good old home cooking.

What’s In the Box

This is an 8 oz pouch of succulent chicken with black beans and potatoes slathered in delicious BBQ sauce. You can eat this meal cold or heat for 5 minutes to really get the wonderful flavors going.

Features and Specifications

This MRE BBQ sauce with chicken meal enjoys the following features:

  • There is no need for refrigeration
  • Shelf life of 7 years
  • Tough packaging that protects from tears
  • Vacuum stabilized for preservation. No preservatives added
  • Light weight at only 8 oz

This meal is easy to take camping or hiking since it is lightweight.

Nutritional Information

  • Great source of protein
  • Free of shellfish
  • 100% USDA inspected and approved
  • 100% USA meat
  • 290 total calories

Ingredients include BBQ Sauce, molasses, guar gum, salt, soy protein, dehydrated potatoes, diced chicken, paprika, caramel color, black beans, and concentrated tomato juice among others. Those who are allergic to soy should note that it has been used in this product.

This STAR MRE also tastes fantastic and takes no time at all to be ready.

MRE BBQ Sauce w/ Chicken, Black Beans and Potatos

All MRE entrees are 8oz - 227 gr.

All of our MREs (meals ready to eat) are manufactured in the United States of America and our plants are USDA/FSIS, as well as FDA approved. We manufactured our meals under strict quality control using HACCP regulations which ensures quality control that meet the highest standards in the food industry.

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