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Safeguard Pro 700 Pigeon Trap - 28" long x 24" x 8"

Product code#: PRO700

Product Description

Safeguard Pro 700 Pigeon Trap - 28" long x 24" x 8"

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Safeguard Pro 700 Pigeon Trap - 28" long x 24" x 8"

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Safeguard Pro 700 Pigeon Trap - 28" long x 24" x 8"

The high quality Safeguard Pigeon Trap has 8 one way doors, also a top door for baiting or removing the captured pigeons. This pigeon trap has the capacity to hold up to 30 pigeons or dove. Great for smaller sized flocks or where space is limited for pigeon trap placement.


Made of Galfan wire for a higher corrosion resistance and years of use.

8 one way doors. Pigeons come in and never go out. Top hinged door for baiting, watering, and unloading birds Holds up to 30 pigeons. Shade needs to be provided. Proudly “Made in the USA” and covered with a 1-YR warranty against manufacturer's defects.

PIGEON BAITING TIP: This Pigeon trap is for capturing Pigeons!...Always bait for pigeons if they are your target, not the other birds in the area. People sometime purchase this pigeon trap and then use the wrong bait and blame the trap for not catching the pigeons.

The ONLY bait you use to trap pigeons is whole kernel corn. Whole corn is easy to see for pigeons and they love whole corn. Make a nice round pile of corn right in the center of the pigeon trap. Whole Corn is a larger grain and smaller birds can’t eat it. That works great for getting your target bird “the Pigeon” and keeping smaller unwanted birds from entering the pigeon trap to steal food. You can purchase whole corn at any feed store. Even Walmart sells whole corn in the hunting dept. The other advantage to using whole corn in the pigeon trap is that if it gets wet, it does not go bad.

Where should I place my Pigeon trap?

Pigeons can be trapped using theSafeguard pigeon traps placed on a flat or slight angled roof where birds roost.Better yet is on the ground around where the pigeons feed. Pigeons enter traps with ease through one of eight pigeon trap one way doors. Use whole corn and pre-bait the areawhere your going to place the pigeon trap to get the pigeonsuse to feeding in that location. Most of the pigeons will be captured in a day or two. A few pigeons can be left in the trap to serve as a lure to get others into the pigeon trap. Shade and water should be provided to keep the trapped pigeons happy and healthy. Visit the pigeon trap every day to remove the trapped birds and to addcorn and water as needed.

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