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Coyote Traps

Coyote Traps

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What Damage do coyote do?
Your cats and dogs are easy prey as well as any livestock a Coyote sets his mind on. Coyote carry the rabies virus as well as other disease. As people build ponds stocked with fish, and other live animals, coyotes find these areas and quickly begin to feed on the bounty. Coyotes love eggs and can cause huge financial losses to both the commercial farmer as well as the weekend gardener. A coyote can become a problem when their feeding leads them to our gardens, livestock or pets. Coyote are more likely to eat garden vegetables and fruit. Because of how they forage, damage is quick and complete.

What bait should I use for coyote?
Chicken, eggs, meat products, smelly sardines seems to draw them.

Where should I place coyote traps?
It is best to set the traps during the day around and near the problem areas, or if you know where the Coyote den is.  The Coyote is a nocturnal animal that averages about 35 pounds, and comes out at night to hunt and forage. Keep the Coyote trap near wooded areas, so the Coyote does not feel threatened.