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Imperial Animal Traps

Imperial Animal Traps

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Live Animal Traps

   Food storage is by nature finite. If a disaster like a full-scale economic collapse forces us into long-term self-sufficient living, we will eventually run out of stored food and will need to be able to hunt, forage, and grow our own food. A long-term survival plan has to consider a good food production plan. Unless you already have breeding animals and a well-established garden in a safe retreat area, this will mean starting from scratch. Live animal traps are a humane and efficient way to catch both nuisance and small game animals.

 Stalking and hunting is very time-consuming and may result in expending as many calories as your catch will supply. Trapping animals is a much more efficient way of procuring either a direct food source or animals that can be bred for long-term food production. Live animal traps can also help you to protect existing food sources from problem or nuisance animals looking for an easy meal.

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