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Coghlan's Survival Kit In a Can

Product code#: 9850

Product Description

  • • Lightweight, compact and watertight, coghlan's survival kit
  • • Contains 38 items which can provide warmth, shelter and energy
  • • Survival kit for both arctic and desert environment

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Coghlans Survival Kit In a Can

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The Coghlan’s Survival Kit in a Can contains 38 essential items that can be useful during emergency survival situations. From a fire starter and compass, to energy candy and a soup packet, you’ll have much of what you need to survive until help arrives. This mini survival kit has waterproof matches and also includes a first aid pamphlet. The Coghlan's Survival Kit In a Can is compact and lightweight, so you can easily carry it in your backpack or pocket when hiking or camping.

This kit includes:


Fire Starter

9.8’ Multi-Use Cord

3’ Wire

4 – Waterproof Matches

101’ Fish Line

Soup Packet

Tea Bag

Sugar Packet

Match Book

2 Antiseptic Swabs

Razor Blade

3 Twist Ties

12” Duct Tape

Signal Mirror

Zip-Lock Bag

2 Bandages

2 Nails

2 Safety Pins

2 Fish Hooks

Signal Whistle

Chewing Gum

Sewing Needle

Energy Candy

Note Paper


Survival/First Aid Pamphlet

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