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Pay for Your Surival Supplies With Silver and Gold

pay for survival supplies silver and gold

Do you accept gold and silver coins as payment?

Yes! Pioneer Living does accept gold & silver as payment on orders totaling $500 or more.


Which gold and silver coins will you accept as payment?

We will gladly accept your 1oz, ½oz, and ¼oz US Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Australian Kangaroo gold coins as well as your 1oz. US Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, and Australian Silver Koalas. We will also gladly accept your 90% “junk” US silver coins (half-dollars, quarters, and dimes) minted prior to 1965 in $100 face value increments towards the balance of your order. Each $100 in face value is equivalent to 71.5 ounces of silver. We will also accept Morgan & Peace silver dollars minted in the US and in extra fine 40 condition or better in any quantities.


How to place an order with gold and silver:

Once you have decided on your order please call Pioneer Living at 1-888-995-9495 to place your order by phone with one of our helpful staff members. We are unable to offer internet payment with gold and silver at this time. Our customer service representative will ask you which coins you plan to use to make your payment and will immediately obtain an online quote from This up-to-the-minute precious metals value quote will be locked in and used as your purchase credit amount at the time of the order placement, likewise your order total will also be locked in until we receive your payment. These prices will be locked in for up to 48-hours to allow you to ship your coins by Next Day Air to us as payment.

The price of precious metals changes minute-by-minute every day. By the time your payment reaches us by mail the price of the gold or silver will have changed. The prices agreed upon at the time of the order placement are the final prices and may not be changed or amended. All payment must be received within 48 hours. Any payment received after the 48-hour time period may re-quoted.


How to complete payment with gold and silver:

The credit amount you ship to us should be less than or equal to your order total. Any underage (balance remaining) can be paid by credit card or money order (which can be sent along with your coins). Any overage will be noted at the time you place your order and you will be given an opportunity to add additional products to balance the payment.

Overpayment Example: You place a phone order in the amount of $500 and plan to pay with a ½ oz Gold American Eagle. values the coin at $676.16. You will be asked to balance your order by adding product(s) in the amount of $176.

Underpayment Example: You place a phone order in the amount of $1500 and plan to pay with a 1 oz Gold American Eagle valued at $1400.87. Your balance owing will be $99.13. This balance may be paid over the phone by credit card or by mailing a money order along with your gold coin.


How to ship your coins:

Coins must be carefully packaged and shipped using prepaid UPS, FedEx or USPS Next Day Air services. Coins must be insured for shipment. When the package is received two employees will open and confirm the receipt of the gold and silver coin payment. You will then be contacted to let you know that we received your payment and your order will be processed according to our service standards as if you had paid in cash.