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Water Storage

Water Storage

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  1. Fold-A-Carrier 5G/20L

    Fold-A-Carrier 5G/20L


    Fold-A-Carrier 5G/20L Learn More
  2. Reliance Solar-Spray Portable Shower

    Reliance Solar-Spray Portable Shower

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    • • Has an ergonomic handle making it more comfortable to carry
    • • Five-gallon/20-liter portable shower constructed of silver polyethylene that absorbs the sun's rays
    • • Large shower head for maximum water flow and thick hose to prevent kinking
    • • Heats water up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in approximately 2.5 hours
    • • S-hook and hang-up cord included for suspension
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  3. Anti-Gravity Pump

    Anti-Gravity Pump


    Anti-Gravity Pump Learn More
  4. Fold-A-Carrier 2.5G/10L

    Fold-A-Carrier 2.5G/10L


    Fold-A-Carrier 2.5G/10L Learn More
  5. PUR Clean Drinking Water Kit

    PUR Clean Drinking Water Kit


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    PUR Clean Drinking Water Kit Learn More
  6. Aqua-Tainer 7G/26L

    Aqua-Tainer 7G/26L


    Out of stock

    Aqua-Tainer 7G/26L Learn More
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Water Storage

The average American household uses 400 gallons of water each day for everything from bathing to watering their lawn. With that figure in mind we can say without a doubt that water storage is the single most important aspect of any good emergency food storage plan. Unfortunately, this key element is often overlooked. In the event of an emergency or disaster situation water is needed for hydration, food preparation, basic hygiene and first aid, etc. The human body can’t survive for very long without water, the rule of thumb is about 3 days – much shorter than the amount of time we can survive without adequate food. About a ½ gallon of drinking water is needed per person per day for basic subsistence, another ½ gallon per person is needed for basic hygiene. That’s a gallon per day per person for very basic needs.

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