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Wise Foods - 84 Servings bucket

Product code#: 01-184

Product Description

The 84 servings bucket is an excellent way to quickly get a good amount of emergency food for you and your family. Food storage buckets are one of the most convenient options for stockpiling emergency rations because they are not only extremely easy to pack away, but they are also great for grabbing and running if you ever have to evacuate an area. Each bucket holds enough food for an adult to enjoy 3 servings per day for four weeks, or four adults to eat for a week. In most cases, this is enough to get you through the most difficult parts of any emergency situation.

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Wise Foods - 84 Servings bucket

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The food in this 84 serving bucket is designed to have a shelf life of 25 years, or even more, so you know you can pack it away and have it ready for you whenever you need it.  You can either store it for an emergency, or open it up to grab a few pouches of food to take with you hiking or camping, so you know you’ll be safe.  All the food in this product were chosen to provide plenty of calories and nutrients to keep you healthy and strong, which is important when facing emergency situations.

All the foods are also conveniently packed in pouches, where they are also cooked by simply adding hot water.  These great tasting emergency foods are an excellent way to start an emergency food stockpile for you and your family.

Serving Amounts: (84 Servings) 8 Savory Stroganoff 8 Chili Macaroni 8 Pasta Alfredo 8 Creamy Pasta and Veg.Rotini 8 Hearty Tortilla Soup 8 Apple Cinnamon Cereal 12 Brown Sugar and Maple Cereal 8 Crunchy Strawberry Granola 8 Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup 8 Cheesy Maacroni

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granolastroganofflasagnateriyakialfredocreamy pastachili mac

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