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Wise Foods - Apple Cinnamon Cereal (03-312)

Product code#: 03-312

Product Description

Apple cinnamon cereal is an excellent meal for almost any occasion, but when it is from Wise Foods, it is perfect for your disaster preparation. Filled with whole grains and a great apple cinnamon taste, you can enjoy this for breakfast or even for dessert. People of all ages will love the taste of this item, and since it is so simple to cook and eat, you can enjoy it any time. Each package contains two 10 ounce servings, and they can be cooked in just 12 minutes by adding in hot water. Stock up on this great survival food now, so you can enjoy them any time there is a disaster or other emergency.

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Wise Foods - Apple Cinnamon Cereal (03-312)

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If you’re looking to add something sweet to your emergency food storage program, look no further than the apple cinnamon cereal from Wise Foods.  This great item is not only a sweet snack, but also very nutritious.  With six grams of protein per serving, 4 grams of fat and a healthy helping of Iron, calcium and other important minerals, this is a great addition to any day’s meal plan.  In addition, it contains a mix of six grains including wheat, barley, rye and oats. 

You can serve this apple cinnamon cereal for breakfast, in-between meals as a snack or even as a dessert for the kids.  Everyone will love the great taste and texture of this healthy food, and it will also add much needed variety to your food stockpile.

Like all options from Wise Foods, the apple cinnamon cereal will last for years on the shelf without any problem.  You can pull it out in the event of an emergency so you’ll have something nutritious to eat, without having to leave the house.  You can easily stock up on enough of this food to last for weeks, or even months, and when combined with other emergency food options you can have a well-rounded diet, no matter what situation you’re in. 

Two 10 ounce servings.

Cook in the pouch entree. Just add hot water and wait 12 minutes.  Then it's ready to eat!



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