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Wise Foods - Favorites 7 meal Pack (05-713)

Product code#: 05-913

Product Description

Wise Foods Favorites 7 meal pack contains a total of 14 servings of great tasting, long lasting food. This is an excellent way to get your food storage program started off on the right foot, or expand it quickly and easily. Having a variety of great tasting foods will help keep people from having to eat the same thing every day in the event of an emergency, and it will also provide a better variety of nutrients, which is very important. Perfect for disaster preparation, hunting, camping or just about anything else.

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Wise Foods - Favorites 7 meal Pack (05-713)

Enjoy the Variety of Wise Foods - Favorites 7 meal Pack

This 7 meal pack has a variety of food that tastes fantastic. It is food that you can take when you go camping, hunting, fishing, or for long term food storage. It is also a great pack to work with when you are getting ready for emergency or disaster preparation.

What’s In the Box

  • Teriyaki chicken and rice
  • Pasta Alfredo with Chicken
  • Cheesy lasagna
  • Noodles & Beef in Mushroom sauce
  • Apple cinnamon cereal
  • Chili Mac with beef
  • Creamy pasta & Vegetable Rotini with chicken

These meals are all put in a convenient box that makes it easy to store in your cupboard, basement, storm shelter, or long term food supply. The meals were all chosen specially to ensure that the person who purchases the Wise Foods – Favorites 7 Meal Pack can enjoy variety.

Features and Specifications

  • Durable pouches
  • 2 servings per pouch giving a whopping 14 servings in total
  • Ready to eat. Just add hot water
  • 10 – 12 min preparation time
  • 7 year shelf life
  • Freeze dried for preservation. No preservatives added

Nutritional Information

The variety of foods means that you get a wide array of minerals, vitamins as well as other nutrients. Each meal plan has the following:

  • Protein - 5 to 12 grams. Can be as high as 34 grams of protein.
  • Real meat
  • Each pouch contains 500 – 780 calories

The products contain wheat, soy and milk. They are also processed on equipment that is used to process eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, soy and shellfish.

Package Includes:

  • Noodles and Beef in Savory Mushroom Sauce (2 Servings)
  • Pasta Alfredo with Chicken (2 Servings)
  • Teriyaki Chicken and Rice (2 Servings)
  • Creamy Chicken with Vegetables and Pasta (2 Servings)
  • Cheesy Lasagna with Meat (2 Servings)
  • Apple Cinnamon Cereal (2 Servings)
  • Chili Macaroni with Beef (2 Servings)

Our best selling meals all packed into one. Includes six entrees and one breakfast (2 servings per pouch) for a total of 14 servings.

Real Food All the Time . . . Also, great for Hunting, Camping, Hiking -Simple, just add boiling water directly into Pouch (no cook).


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