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Wise Foods - Grab-N-Go 3 Month Supply - 720 Servings

Product code#: 40-40720

Product Description

Wise Foods 720 serving grab-n-go buckets provide three full months of food for you and your family. You can survive with two meals per day for three months with two adults and two children. In the event of an emergency, it is essential to have a safe food supply to keep you strong and healthy. For prolonged situations, this three month supply will give you everything you need to keep going. In many situations, you’ll be able to supplement this food with other items you are able to gather, making this food last even longer.

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Wise Foods - Grab-N-Go 3 Month Supply - 720 Servings

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Anyone who wants to be prepared for disasters or other emergency situations will want to start by making sure they have plenty of food to get them through whatever life throws at them.  The grab-n-go 3 months supply from Wise Foods will provide all the food you need for you and your family.  Each bucket is filled with a variety of different meals and entrees so you’re not forced to keep eating the same thing day after day.  With a total of 6 buckets, you can have your food ready wherever you happen to be.

The food in these buckets has a 25 year shelf life, which makes it ideal for emergency stockpiles.  You can store them away in your shelter, or your basement, until some sort of disaster strikes.  You can also quickly and easily grab the buckets to take with you, if you ever have to evacuate the area.

Whether you’re just starting your emergency food storage program, or you want to expand it, this three month supply is a perfect choice.  All of the different entrees contained in these buckets are specially chosen to provide a wide range of different tastes, textures and nutrition levels, so you and your family don’t get sick of eating the same things every day.

The package includes:

  • Crunchy Granola (120 Servings)
  • Apple Cinnamon Cereal (120 Servings)
  • Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain Cereal (120 Servings)
  • Cheesy Lasagna (36 Servings)
  • Ala King and Rice (36 Servings)
  • Pasta Alfredo (36 Servings)
  • Chili Macaroni (36 Servings)
  • Savory Stroganoff (36 Servings)
  • Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini (36 Servings)
  • Cheesy Macaroni (36 Servings)
  • Creamy Tortilla Soup (36 Servings)
  • Teriyaki Rice (36 Servings)
  • Tomato Basil Soup (36 Servings)

The kit includes 6 total buckets (3 breakfast buckets and 3 entree buckets).  All the food comes in mylar bags that contain 4 servings each.  The buckets have Grab and Go handles to make them easier to transport.

25 Year Shelf Life


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