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Wise Foods - Teriyaki and Rice

Product code#: 03-308

Product Description

Teriyaki and rice from Wise Foods is an emergency food that will last for 20 years or longer on the shelf. When you open it up and cook it, however, it will taste great. This is a popular side dish, which many people add to their emergency food storage system. Having this great side will provide you and your family with a more diverse set of nutrients, which your body needs to function properly, especially in difficult situations.

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Wise Foods - Teriyaki and Rice

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If you’re looking for a great tasting, healthy addition to any meal, look no further than Teriyaki and rice from Wise Foods.  This wonderful side dish tastes great, and is extremely easy to prepare. Simply open the pouch, add the required amount of hot water and wait 12 minutes.  It is then ready to eat right out of the pouch, or serve to everyone at the table.  You won’t find a better tasting, more nutritious and easier to prepare emergency food out there.

Each serving contains 35% of your recommended vitamin A, 50% of vitamin C, and plenty of other vitamins and minerals as well.  Not only that, it contains 8 grams of protein to keep you feeling full and strong for hours.  The 280 calories per serving are also important, especially in disaster or other emergency situations.

When you purchase this teriyaki and rice meal, you can add it to your emergency food stockpile, or just eat it any time.  It is also an excellent item to bring with you camping, hunting, or any time you’re going out of the house.  It is always a good idea to have this type of high quality food with you, just in case.

Two 10 ounce servings.

Cook in the pouch Teriyaki and Rice entree. Just add hot water and wait 12 minutes.  Then it's ready to eat!



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